Tuesday night, 11 sleeper coaches were derailed at Patna sahib railway station this train belongs to East Central Indian Railways Zone …good news no life loss …:-) :-)

luckily  the train was at minimum speed to make its  halt at the coming station so on board passengers were safe.


6 out of 11 are set up on the track and work is carried on the remaining 5 coaches to set them back to the position.While the passengers were arranged with other train to reach their destinations.

Usually Indian railways track have two lines 1.Down line and 2.Up line. leaving the down-line aside up-line is full functional as their was no track obstacles . Trains scheduled on down line were cancelled and en routed to various other diversions.

Re-railing of the derailed coaches may take about other few hour and the reason for the derailing may be due to various natural reasons but was not intentionally done by any one says the report.

Station location near the derailed train

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train pnr status says:

thank god there is no loss of lives…

rho says:

it was really lucky

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